C A N C E L L A T I O N / R E F U N D




We know that you --as a well-informed customer-- are reviewing the following information before booking. 


You may cancel your participation in EARTHCANDY TRAVELS presented by EARTHCANDY ARTS at any time, but please be aware of the following cancellation policy:

ALL payments are non-refundable, including deposits, late fees, full payments and installment payments. The ONLY exception to this policy is if EARTHCANDY TRAVELS must be cancelled in its entirety for any reason in which case we will notify all parties via email and provide refund instructions.

All travel arrangements are your responsibility and at your own cost. We shall not be held liable for any consequences arising from delays or cancellations in any of the companies you may have made arrangements with, or for any irregularities in your documentation required for travel.

Unforeseen situations may present themselves to our guests and for those circumstances, situations and occasions we HIGHLY recommend that you purchase adequate travel insurance to cover you for your trip.



We want to share the wanderlust love with as many people as possible, so our excursion is open to experienced travelers and first-timers alike who are adventurous, open-minded and who aren’t easily ruffled. Anyone with a reasonable level of fitness will be able to fully participate in days of exploring Marrakech; however, due to the nature of this itinerary, this retreat may not be suitable for anyone who is pregnant or has serious physical/medical conditions. (The multiple staircases in riads/restaurants, narrow streets and whizzing motor scooters, as well as navigating the souks create an amazing atmosphere— but DO require some capable footwork on occasion!) If you have had any serious physical or emotional illness within the last five (5) years, or are under any medical or psychiatric supervision, please advise us at the time of applying. If you are in any doubt about your ability to participate in this type excursion please contact us beforehand to discuss.


Our vendors require upfront commitments that we must adhere to. When we offer a package to you we have to ensure, through good-faith payments, that you will attend the event. This is the only way our vendors will take us seriously, and will want to help us provide the best experiences possible to our EARTHCANDY TRAVELS guests.


All chargeback notifications received via your bank will be considered cancellation of your EARTHCANDY TRAVELS reservation made with JAMILA CRAWFORD PÉCOU. All documentation, including confirmation of receipt of all travel policies & agreement signatures will be provided to the banking institution as confirmation of payment application according to all agreed upon terms.


You may transfer your reservation to another person subject to the procedures in this paragraph and acceptance by JAMILA CRAWFORD PÉCOU. Such transfer must be made no later than APRIL 1, 2019. In order to make the transfer, the owner of the reservation must contact EARTHCANDY TRAVELS to obtain a transfer form. The reservation owner must complete the transfer, which includes the contact information for the recipient. The ET team will contact the recipient of the transfer for them to complete a Transfer Acceptance Agreement and a Registration Agreement. There is a $150 transfer fee due at time of transfer, which may be split in any manner between the transferor and the recipient. The transfer between the transferor and recipient may be as a gift or as a sale between the two parties, which will be considered completely independent of ET. Transfers made without the ET participation and authorization will not be manifested to the final attendee list and there will be no refund of the ticket price.


Any payment more than fifteen (15) days past due, will incur a late payment fee of $50. EARTHCANDY TRAVELS may also cancel a reservation if the reservation is two (2) payments delinquent. Should ET cancel the reservation due to payment issue, the terms of this "CANCELLATION/REFUND POLICY" shall apply.


If you purchase the twin bedroom or the double bedroom duo package with a chosen roommate, understand you are 100% responsible for the reservation. Should your roommate cancel, you are responsible for completing the remaining payments of your cancelled roommate. At your request, the ET hosts will make all the best efforts to secure an alternate roommate for you, but resolving a roommate cancellation on your behalf is not the responsibility of ET.  



Please understand that you are responsible for your own health and well-being during the retreat. Jamila Crawford Pécou will not be held liable for any injuries or other medical or emotional problems that may occur, are sustained or aggravated during or after your time on retreat. Jamila Crawford Pécou will not accept any responsibility for cancellations, delays or changes caused by war, threat of war, terrorist actions, closure of airports, civil strike, industrial action, natural disasters, technical problems to transport, illness of participants or close relatives/pets, acts of God or any other events beyond our control. Neither can we be responsible for any loss or damage of property or disruption of program cut to circumstances beyond the control of Jamila Crawford Pécou.

Do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.